Intriguing Women

Robin Gregory, Goodreads

“This is a collection of vignettes exploring women’s current struggle to find self-identity, while juggling traditional and modern roles. Several cultures come under Professor Sharma’s playful scrutiny.” Read full review.

Lynda Dickson, Goodreads

“Intriguing Women is a collection of 23 short stories, all featuring intriguing women. What makes them so intriguing? You’ll have to read this anthology to find out.” Read full review.

Vivienne Neal, Goodreads

“What makes Intriguing Women so captivating is that the author presents an authentic depiction of women from wide-ranging backgrounds in the UK, India, Afghanistan and New York, where cultural, ethnic, religious differences and one’s economic and political standing can clash, and where marriage seems to define a woman’s and man’s status.” Read full review.