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Reading & Writing Fiction

Why this article? I am writing on a #wordpress #blog and the end is #digitalmarketing or simply #marketing. But of course, it is #contentmarketing that I strive for. Besides, the content of this article is significant for me not only because of the marketing that I’m being pulled into but because of my passion for reading and writing fiction. I am, as I write this, conscious of the downgrading of an author who is being forced to become a businessman.

Reading and Writing a Novel #Reading a #novel takes you into another’s world and #writing it takes you deep into your own. That is the force of fiction; it either transports you into a world outside the one you live in or it takes you deeper into the one you reside in; call it your Self, your consciousness, or just your own world. A writer of fiction, like other people, has a life that is personal as well as social; when they read or write fiction they travel away from or go into its hidden caverns. Fiction has the power to momentarily separate the self from itself.

Reading: Reading takes you to different kinds of settings and experiences – those that you may never be able to travel to because they are too far removed from you. I may never have been to the Hawaiian Islands in a physical form but I may have traveled into them through the imagination, aided by my reading. A novel set in the Hawaiian Islands is capable of taking its readers to these islands, making them feel that they’re actually physically there. One can say that one would prefer going there in person but it is also likely that when there one would miss out on certain details that are available in the novel.

The Novelist is Sensitive: The novelist is sensitive to things we might miss out on our own. One may not have experienced marriage and yet know quite a bit about it because one has read stories that place you in the middle of married life. Hamlet is a good example

Writing: But when you write fiction yourself you automatically link yourself to the world around you in a way that you never can just by observing it. You become an experiencing-self – looking at, evaluating, understanding, accepting, or rejecting. It is like reliving life or living it according to your dreams with you as the arbiter. Writing a novel, which is quite a social document, can make you see who you actually are and what you should be in a given situation. Writing a novel can make you rise phoenix-like from your own ashes with a sense of renewal where art seems more real than life. You are the creator of a world that may be like and yet very different from the Creator’s world.

Literary Writing: Reading and writing fiction will never be extinct because the human Imagination is likely to be there forever and till it is there it will take us into fictional worlds. Literary writing cannot be suppressed for long. Even if buried, it will send out roots that can branch out into flowers and fruits.

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  • Neeraj Kumar Gautam

    Of course it’s also teach us how we think ,what we may think and how we may describe our feelings, emotions etc.
    It’s very logical and it’s a very effective skills of our lives.
    So first we must read and then we should right.

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