• The Tailor's Needle follows this revelatory pattern in the storytelling


    The unknown is important in life. If there were no mystery, life would be very boring. However, most of us want to know what is to happen in the future. To put it in Shakespeare’s terms, we want to ‘look into the seeds of time.’ Nature does not want us to know much about what is to happen but we want to know. Nature doesn’t want us to know whether a boy or a girl will be born to a pregnant woman. But we want to know. Nature does not want us to know when someone will die. But we want to find out the time when that will happen.…

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    Making Characters Memorable

    Making Characters Memorable One of the acid tests of a fiction writer is to make characters memorable. They should not merely be puppets but should have the rarer merit to come alive in the reader’s imagination. Some significant theorists have believed that social types can make interesting characters, and they can perhaps, but will rarely stay on in the mind as individuals. Memorable characters result from an author’s keen observation of life and people and an acute insight into human psychology. If an author believes in social types, like T. S. Eliot does, they should rather make it a blending of the social type with a psychological type. This means…