The Imprisonment of Virtual Reality

In the imprisonment of virtual reality are clear signs

That should scare humanity. There are huge chasms

Which show pettiness, sticking to the past with horizontal gravity.

How are the post-colonized different from the post-colonizers?

The colonized have been cut to size and compelled

Not to be repelled by the white skin

As their Other can be by skins of darker colour.

The colonized have been cut to size to accept

Philosophies and perceptions generated by the West,

Knowing full well that they’re not always the best, but

Still deserve attention; human thought deserves respect.

The colonizer tries to wall himself in with a prejudice wall

He calls tradition, culture or an overall dividing blanket

Like knowhow. The Internet reflects a split world;

A deceptive deep dividing wall

So visible on Twitter and Facebook that makes

The colonizer a frog of a well, deep enough to

Preserve ignorance, refusing to look beyond.

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